The Johns Hopkins Neuroradiology Review

This case-based course offers a practical review of adult and pediatric neuroradiology. Lectures from expert Johns Hopkins faculty members provide a comprehensive review of brain, head and neck and spine imaging in adults and children covering the latest developments and techniques. The course is ideal for general radiologists and neuroradiologists, radiology residents and fellows, neurologists, pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons and otorhinolaryngologists. The program will improve interpretive skillsets and offers excellent preparation for maintenance of certification exams. It will help you to better:

  • Discuss latest developments in the field of neuroradiology practice in the context of applied neurologic disease diagnoses and treatments.
  • Adapt relevant latest neuroimaging techniques, when applicable, to their practice.
  • Interpret neuroimaging studies with an up-to-date approach using latest knowledge and techniques.
  • Adapt low dose CT neuroimaging practices in children.


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